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Healthy lifestyle

Today's modern lifestyle comes with stress, migraine, depression .The food that we consume doesn’t make our lives any better since its full of preservatives and toxins .The ancient india led a peaceful and healthy lifestyle because the focus was not only just consume the food ,but consume it such that it satisfies all our senses ,and makes us focused and blissfull .The secret ingredient that inherent part in the ancient Indian culture was the incorporation of sattwik food.

“ ayuh-sattva-balarogya-sukha-priti-vivardhanah
Rasyah snigdhan sthrira hridya aharah sattvika-priyah”

(food in the mode of goodness increases the duration of life , purity one’s existence and gives strength ,health , happiness , and satisfaction.such food is juicy,fatty ,wholesome and pleasing to the heart)

What is sattwik food ?

Food that is organic ,juicy and freshly cooked. It’s wholesome in nature and precisely unprocessed ,and unrefined. Straight from farm to your plate with minimal human or machine interference.

Why incorporate sattwik food in our diet ?

It takes less time and energy to digest and efficiently helps our body’s immune system to heal faster.A little change in our food consumption can go a long way and can help in avoiding or overcoming the modern day chronic diseases that are frequently prevalent in our society.Along with the healing factor,it provides ample amount of nuitrients,protein and healthy fat that one needs to build a strong and healthy body and a mind full of clarity, and calmness.when your body and mind are in sync,you are naturally bound to feel calm and bliss since it brings you closer to mother nature and god.

Five rules of a healthy diet.

Rule no 1 : live and green fresh food

Our greens should come straight from farm to our plate with minimal interference,and not the factory produce full of preservatives and canned food.

Rule no 2 : Wholesome in nature

our food must come without additives ,procecessed or refined.it shouldn’t be devoid of its natural elementsthat come from mother nature.

Rule no 3 : Plant based food

Our food should concentrate more on the vegan elements like plant-based foods . It brings variety , ample amount of fibers , nutritions to our plant.

Rule no 4 : Food should be juicy

Our body contains 70% water and we must make sure that what we eat has the ability to control our bodily water needs.

Rule no 5 : Organic in nature

Food that comes to our table should pesticides free.It must come fresh which is rich in nuitrients and vitamin C ,iron ,magnesium and less exposure to nitrates and pesticides.

Who Are We ?

We are an initiative to bring a change in public domain by giving them a healthy food alternatives .our team bunch of energetic youths in colaboration with our members from different fields (engineers ,Ca ,doctors , academician, health experts) on a mission to cooperate , engage and educate the mass to meet their nutritional needs in an efficient manner free of hassle.

What we do ?

We want to bring the change in your eating habits and lifestyle. With our slogan “A little change in your plate can make big everyday difference “

We give you an healthy alternative for your food needs,which is the most urgent question in need of an answer.

We with our team, support and organize healthy alternatives available at one click with varieties, liberty to pick from by bringing all healthy options on one platform. So you have the options and flexibility to choose from

Our detailed analysis and reviewed diet plans can help an indivisual to make their plate full-some with nutritions and healthy choices.

With your foods needs we also promote healthy growing be it Hydroponic where they use only water and nuitriets for plant growth.

We also promote and engage with local organic producers so both party can get the benefit and india fulfil its Dream for fit india healthy india.